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Are you frustrated with your current accountant?

Let’s face it, getting frustrated with your accountant at some point is inevitable and it’s quite common to feel anxious as month-end approaches. Now ask yourself: Do I feel this way every month? Is the burden of accounts and taxes taking away from the time I should dedicate to growing relationships with my clients? If this has become your “new normal” then we would like to help and get you back on track, focusing on growing your business whilst we take care of the accounting. We want to get to know you and your needs for your business. Financial freedom is what we want for you. Our accountants and bookkeepers believe in building relationships… with you.

Paying too much tax?

Yes, you do have to pay tax. But who says you should pay more than you need to? With our unique 3-step system we do over 50 checks to ensure you pay the absolute legally minimum. We have helped a lot of people just like you. Call us today for a no-obligation chat and let’s figure out how we can either save you time or money.

No Cash Flow?

We can help you to systematically build a cash flow that will help you make new investments and grow your business. Strong cash flows means your business is running smoothly, you can pay your bills on time and have enough money left for that much needed break you’ve been longing for!

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CVW was established in 2006 and is committed to you, the client, making sure you get the very best service.


Taxes in South Africa: Where do they go?

Taxes in South Africa: Where do they go?

With the income tax deadline looming, you may be wondering where all your tax money is going and how they are utilised in South Africa. Taxes are levied and used to finance government activities. In economics, taxes fall on whomever pays the burden of the tax, whether...

Tax Season: Getting your documents ready

Tax Season: Getting your documents ready

 In my last article, I shared some tips on legally saving on your taxes and knowing the types of expenses you can claim from SARS and now that we’re getting closer to the tax season, I think it would be best to touch on the documents you should keep handy when filing...

Saving on your Taxes: The Legal Do’s

Saving on your Taxes: The Legal Do’s

There are plenty of upsides that come with running a business. When it comes to taxes, one of the biggest perks is being able to reduce your taxable income, and therefore your tax bill by deducting legitimate business expenses through SARS registration. Whether you’re...

Bespoke solutions that are customer centric and focus on growing your business.

Are you frustrated with your current accountant, paying too much tax with no cash flow? We can help.

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I have been a client for the last 2 years and recommend CVW Accounting and Bookkeeping. Their work is very thorough and professional and they are always up to date with their reporting.


CVW Accounting & Bookkeeping have been our accountants for the last 6 years. They have provided us with excellent service over that time dealing with all our accounts as well as company and personal tax matters. They are always accessible and responsive to our needs and we can gladly give them a 5 star rating and wholeheartedly recommend their services. Tupperware Diamond Sales


Frikkie Naude

The CVW Team has been absolutely fantastic and on point when it comes to service delivery. Always providing Honest Feedback on a matter and keeping My Company’s interest at heart. Highly Recommend Anni-Mari and the team.



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